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toddler-friendly recipes rooted in spice

Perfect, quick and nutritious toddler meals full of flavors from South Asia. Great for parents who want to experiment with baby-led weaning or palate training toddlers with different flavors but have little time to spare. Palate training early has been proven to help with picky eaters and this recipe book for toddlers is a great place to start your feeding journey. This is great for easy toddler meal prep with gluten free recipes and dairy free recipe options as well.
As mom of two, Maryam Ishtiaq developed these quick, easy recipes for kids as part of her motherhood journey. Having spent part of her career working at an organic baby food company where nutritious, easy to prepare kids food was a key priority, she’s taken her learnings of what works for herself and other parents to develop a baby food system that is rooted in tradition, nutrition, and ease.

Tried and True.

inspired by pakistan, rooted in spice

Figuring out what to feed your kids can be such a nerve wrecking moment. There are already so many hard decisions we have to make throughout the day – mealtimes shouldn’t be hard. That’s where little eats comes in.

Inspired by Ishtiaq’s Pakistani heritage, she is bringing you recipes that are foolproof, great for palate training and rooted in spice. Ishtiaq believes that repeating the same recipes continuously prevents picky eaters. In this cookbook, you will find a handful of recipes that have been tested and used for over 3 years to ensure that they can be used over time in different ways. Whether you’re pairing them up with a different carb or protein, you’re guaranteed to get a meal that is comforting and wholesome.

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toddler-friendly recipes that are rooted in spice, perfect for palate training and baby led weaning