Ramadan Edition: Your Local Businesses For Iftar & Eid Festivities

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If you’re new to the blog, welcome & Ramadan Mubarak! For those that are returning to read this post, welcome back. We hope you enjoy this post! We’ll continue adding to this as we come across more businesses, but for now we will start here.

Ramadan brings a lot of iftar parties, events at your local mosques and then obviously events leading up to Eid like Chaand Raat festivities. We were going through the process of ordering decor and desserts for our iftar party and realized there aren’t many posts to refer back to while shopping for decor, desserts and etc. So, we wanted to take this opportunity and do a round-up of some businesses that were shared with us on Instagram and some that we came across. Honestly we were shocked that there are so many talented and unique businesses in our community that cater towards our Ramadan and Eid needs. Ramadan decor, personalized items, baked goods, food, handmade tasbeehs, arts and crafts for kids, you name it – we’ve got em’ all, MashaAllah.

To be clear, this is not a review list, but more of a roundup of small businesses that cater to our Ramadan and eid needs. If you do end up trying one of these, let us know! Let’s get started, shall we?

Businesses in the United States

Catering Vendors

Henna Artists

Home Decor + Event Planners

Craft Kits + Eid Gifts

Businesses in Canada

Catering Vendors

Henna Artists

Home Decor + Event Planners

Craft Kits & Eid Gifts

Businesses in the U.K (we’re still working on this, so if you’re a business in the UK, send us an email!)

Catering Vendors

Henna Artists


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