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 I wanted to do a quick post on my recent winter color refresh. When I moved down to Dallas, it was hard to find a go-to hairstylist since Kelly had been my hair guru for the last 3 years in New York. I went to a hair salon in August to get a color refresh for the summer and it was such a traumatic experience. My hair went through 2 sessions of processing and it was damaged. I left the salon crying and with my hair literally breaking in my hands. The salon owner offered to help “fix” my hair and they tried their best, but I still wasn’t happy.

I then had to essentially let my hair heal. That meant not to apply any heat to my hair and using lots of hair masks to bring back the moisture. Unfortunately, my ends were still really damaged and could not be saved so we opted for am at-home haircut. Since August, I’ve been sort of waiting it out for my hair to heal a little so I can get it to my desired color. And that’s when I came across Blush Salon in Dallas. I made an appointment with Cynthia, she’s the lead + owner of the salon and I am so happy I found her. We went a little darker and added some layers to the hair for some volume and dimension. I am sharing the details down below with a little gift for you guys here (hint: it’s a discount). Don’t forget to check it out!


When I got to the salon, Cynthia and I spoke about what I wanted to get done. I was very unhappy with the texture of my hair + the unwanted orange and yellow hues in my hair. She suggested that we prep my hair before we work on eliminating the unwanted hues. Nitzia (Cynthia’s assistant) used Soma Hair Technology clarifying shampoo to prep my hair before my color services. This made sure the hair was free of any minerals & was pH balanced, which is really important when doing color or lightening services.

After my wash, Cynthia proceeded with the coloring process. Tutto Hair Color  was used for my gloss. A cool mix of 2 violet dominant colors to control the excess of warmth were our winners for the gorgeous end result. Cynthia began with a shadow root to deepen the crown area but still allowed some brightness to show through as I had requested. Additionally, we added a textured long layered face framing haircut that literally brightened my hair up effortlessly.





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