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Many of you know that I recently went back to having a balayage after being a brunette for a little while. I tried vlogging my trip to the hair salon and my session with Kelly (a hair stylist at Harroin and a Wella educator), which I will share down below! I partnered up with Wella Professionals to help get my  hair summer ready! So today, I am sharing the color I wanted and the formula used to achieve my balayage. Also, I’ll be sharing details on how to keep your hair healthy and strong between color refreshing sessions.

I wanted to go lighter but this time more towards lighter tones (toffee, ash blonde) instead of warmer tones (hazelnut, caramel, mocha). Whenever getting your hair colored, always talk to your colorist before hand! They will be able to give you the best recommendation based on your current hair health, complexion and more. I spoke to my stylist and she recommended that it would take two visits to get the color I wanted. Since my hair lifted really well before the toner, we were able to get close to how light I wanted my hair to be, but we are not quite there just yet.

The balayage I asked for

“Wella Professionals Magma /89+ and 40vol BLONDOR Freelights Developer, hand painted and sandwiches in foil for maximum lift. Processed for 60 minutes in sections. Then, glazed with Wella Professionals Color Touch 2oz of 7/89 and .5 oz 5/1 with 1.9% for 15min. All while using Well Professionals WELLAPLEX”

  • Magma by BLONDOR Freelights Developer – lifts and tones
  • Color Touch – demi-permanent color, deposits color without penetrating the hair cuticle, ammonia free and lasts up to 24 shampoos
  • WELLAPLEX – bond repair system that’s added to color to reconstruct hair bonds during the lightening + lifting process”

– Kelly @thecolorwitch

I totally recommend going to a Wella salon get the WELLAPLEX treatment. It’s a three-step system that’s added to hair color to keep the hair strong during the dye phase. I immediate saw and felt a difference in my hair – so soft and shiny. WELLAPLEX No 1 and No 2 are done in the salon and WELLAPLEX No 3 Hair Stabilizer is actually a take-home mask. It keeps the strengthening process going at-home.  WELLAPLEX is must for any dying their hair – especially as frequently as I do!

Staying Fresh with FusionPlex

It’s really important to give your hair a break after going lighter (same applies for going darker). The best way to keep your color looking fresh is by using products that not only help rejuvenate your hair but also helps keep your hair looking like you just got it done between washes. Since I went lighter, I’ve been using Wella’s FUSIONPLEX Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. The collection penetrates down to the cortex and instantly recovers hair fiber and prevents future hair breakage. Even the most damaged hair is left feeling renewed, smooth, elastic, and resilient against breakage. Not to mention, it has definitely helped my hair from going that bronze/organish color within days.


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