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Can’t believe I am writing this baby registry post while expecting baby #2. Should’ve done this when we had Elizey but you know…life took us for a little spin. Since we are expecting another baby, I figured I’d compile a list of things we used with Elizey and will now be adding again to our baby registry! These products are our favorite tried and true products. So, let us get started!


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Diaper Changing Favorites

Diapers: We asked for multiple sizes on our registry for this. Switched to Coterie at 6months.
Wipes: Water wipes were our absolute favorite since Elizey has sensitive skin.
Butt Paste: This was great for rashes. You can see immediate results between diaper changes.
Changing Table: We got two of these. Kept one upstairs in the nursery and had one downstairs.
Diaper Bag: Used this diaper bag up til Elizey was 18mo. Switched to Dagne Dover after that.
Diaper Pail: We got the Ubbi Pail but they have their own pail bags you have to use.

Feeding Must Haves

Bottles: We tried pretty much all the bottles and settled with Comotomo. These worked best.
Breastfeeding Pillow: I used this while pumping also and it was wonderful.
Burp Clothes: You go through these quickly.Get a lot. These were our absolute favorites.
Bibs: we got a combination of cloth and silicon ones. These were our favs along with Lalo ones.
Formula: Whether you BF or not, have formula on hand. Loved Loulouka + Bobbie as well.
Bottle Warmer: This isn’t a complete necessity but it was definitely super convenient.
Pacifier: We started off with these and then switched Elizey over to Friggs.
Nipple Balm: I used so much of this, it is an absolute necessity.
Breast Pump: I had the Medela last time so I am going with this one but people love Spectra S1.

Bottle Cleaning Favorites

Dishwasher Basket: Convenient and super helpful when there is no help.
Bottle Sterilizer: Absolutely loved this thing.
Dish rack: Don’t get the ones with the “grass” look, it gets a lot of mold.

Shower Must Haves

Wash and shampoo: We love the Bubbsi hair and body products so much.
Sink Tub: We had the blooming bath lotus but it would get mold, so this is better for sink instead
Towel: Super soft and we used it for a very long time before getting a new one for Elizey
Baby oil: We used mustard oil to massage Elizey before bath time and it was her favorite
Bath tub: The bathtub works for a very long time. We didn’t switch Elizey out til she was older

Health + Grooming Favorites

Thermometer: There are a lot of different options, we used this one and liked it the best.
Nasal aspirator: There are a few diff types of these, we liked the electric so far.
Nail cutter set: Some prefer the automatic nail filer but I love this one.

Sleeping Favorites

Bedside Bassinet: This. You NEED it. It’s super affordable in comparison to all the other ones.
Lightweight Bassinet: We used this one downstairs for her nap times
Baby Swing: This was Elizey’s absolute favorite and we all loved it just as much.

Clothing + Comfort

Onesies: These were super clutch when they’re super small. Made diaper changes at night easy.
Swaddles: This was the only thing that would keep Elizey from coming out of her swaddles.
Gloves: Loved these because they’re tight around the wrist so stay on longer.
Hats: There’s so many options for these out there. You can pick whatever works for you.

Travel – On the Go Favorites

Car Seat: We got this one and it was fantastic.
Stroller: This is expensive but we tried a ton in stores. This was easily our favorite.

Postpartum Recovery


C-section Post-partum undies: Loved these plus the Kindred Bravely ones.
Peri Bottle: You need this for the first 4-6 weeks postpartum. I love Frida mom products!
Sitz: I did not use when I had Elizey but it’s on my list for this round.
Nipple Cream: You need lots and lots of this. Whether you decide to breastfeed or pump.
Cooling pads: These saved me when I’d get engorged. Get them.
Breastfeeding Bra: I have these on my list for this round but I LOVED True and Co for comfort.
C-section Scar Cream: I didn’t have this for my last but definitely getting it this round.
Robe: It’s an investment but worth every single penny. I wore it for months.


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