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Welcome, I am thrilled that you could join me here. Come meet my tiny little tribe
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A Guide to Gifting a Mama-to-be
While the new baby is important, keeping a new mama in mind is just as important if not more
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Southern Living Magazine
For Dallas Lifestyle Blogger Maryam Ishtiaq, Good Food is the Ultimate Expression of Hospitality
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Business Behind Being an Influencer – Part 2

The influencer world has shifted to so much in the past few years and is continuing to change. I started diving into the world of influencing years ago and it took a lot of courage to move past my self doubt.

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There are so many new faces here, welcome! So happy you’re here! Here are some fun facts about me 🙂 

1. I’ve been creating content since 2016, and it started off with a blog called Pizza & Perrier 
2. I lived in Atlanta for almost 14 years
3. I met my husband at a Hookah Restaurant (Cafe Istanbul) in Atlanta 😂
4. I am a mom to 2 beautiful girls and a baby boy in heaven 🤍🕊️
5. I worked for a baby food company + a tech startup before I had kids
6. I went full-time as a content creator shortly after having my first
7. I love to cook because it’s super therapeutic to me 
8. I own a company called It’s Actually Co and make some delicious broth 
9. I can read and write Arabic and Urdu. That’s something I take so much pride in
10. I love eating takis with hummus 🍉
1. It is essential to be mindful of where we invest our money right now. Consider supporting brands that prioritize ethical practices and are transparent about their values. By doing so, we can contribute to a more responsible and sustainable economy. Additionally, support smaller businesses and amplifying their work.

2. It may be tempting to rely on delivery services for the sake of convenience, but it is worth considering the financial impact. By reducing our use of these services, we can save a significant amount of money over time. It is crucial to assess our own family’s needs and find a balance between convenience and financial responsibility.

3. Creating a weekly meal plan and curating a bi-weekly grocery plan can greatly improve our shopping habits. By keeping a running list of what we already have in our pantry and fridge, we can avoid buying unnecessary duplicates. Having a meal plan in place helps us efficiently prepare for the week ahead, reducing food waste and ensuring that we make the most of our pantry items and produce.

4. While Amazon may offer convenience, it is important to minimize our use of the platform unless absolutely necessary. Instead of immediately turning to Amazon for every purchase, consider making a list on your phone and waiting for a couple of days before making a purchase. This allows time to evaluate whether the item is truly needed. By being more intentional with our purchases, we can reduce unnecessary spending and make more conscious choices.

5. In a world heavily influenced by social media, it is easy to be swayed by the latest products. However, it is important to question whether we truly need these items. If we were doing just fine without a particular product before it was introduced to us, chances are we can continue to do so. 

6. Decluttering our living spaces and donating unused items can have a positive impact on our lives. When adding new items to our homes, consider donating some of the older items to create space and reduce clutter. This way, we can maintain a more organized and purposeful living environment.
We will not stop. Don’t look away and vote these people out of office.
Winter is coming and they have nowhere to turn to. Gaza is beyond repair at this point and we still don’t think this bloodshed is enough?
@skinhungry put all of our sentiments in one piece and it broke my heart. We will never come back from this and we will never forget.