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A Guide to Gifting a Mama-to-be
While the new baby is important, keeping a new mama in mind is just as important if not more
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For Dallas Lifestyle Blogger Maryam Ishtiaq, Good Food is the Ultimate Expression of Hospitality
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Business Behind Being an Influencer – Part 2

The influencer world has shifted to so much in the past few years and is continuing to change. I started diving into the world of influencing years ago and it took a lot of courage to move past my self doubt.

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I take immense pride in the progress of what I am constructing here. As an emerging brand, we have faced numerous challenges, but they were all part of the journey. Each setback has equipped me with a fresh set of skills, teaching me to persevere through obstacles. While we are still far from reaching our ultimate goal for this business, the most crucial step was getting started. I refused to merely sit on an idea and instead took action on a concept that is truly essential. The absence of high-quality broths in the market, especially Halal options, prompted me to address this gap and do it right. I was tired of seeing our community settle for subpar products when it came to their well-being. Your unwavering support is what drives us forward. I am confident that we are on the brink of making this product easily accessible to everyone with your continuous love and support. To those patiently waiting to try our broths, thank you. To our loyal customers, your continued support means the world to us. And to those offering valuable insights and reminding me of the potential of Its Actually Broth, I am grateful. Each and every one of you has played a significant role in our journey so far. I chose to build this business transparently, inviting you to witness the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Every day presents a new opportunity for growth in countless directions. We value your feedback and are diligently working to incorporate your suggestions. Thank you for being a part of this journey. Join our waitlist to stay informed about our restocks, and don’t forget to follow @itsactuallyco.
I need to get better at taking pictures of all of my dishes, haha. I get so sucked into the job that I forget everything else! Here’s a little clip from my recent client who is a vegetarian but wanted high-protein meals with low carbs and no added sugars 💁🏻‍♀️
Mama has been working harddd and needed a little refresh! I was feeling myself today haha. @edd_eddiee’s work is unmatched and there is a reason why he’s always so booked 🤍
gluten free dough was somewhat of a fail because the consistency took forever to figure out. but the overall flavors of everything were 10/10 🤤
Sharing my gluten free egg salad recipe. This recipe went viral a couple of years back and I am bringing it back with a few tweaks. You’ll need boiled eggs, gluten-free mayo who would have thought that this needed to be gluten free too. It blows my mind that there are so many things we consume that have additives we don’t need or can’t comprehend. Anyways you’ll also need some shallots, fresh dill, salt pepper, and green Thai chilies. Shallots did a number on me this morning. Mix everything well and layer it on top of a rice cake. I didn’t have a plain one so used a caramel rice cake and holy crap it slapped. I topped it with some fresh arugula but you can also do micro greens here. And last but not least, add some gluten-free hot sauce that gives you a little more kick. I am a I need all the spice kind girly so this is just delicious! 

4 hard boiled eggs
2 tbsp gluten-free mayo (@hellmannsmayonnaise)
1/2 a shallot minced
fresh dill minced
1 thai chili minced 
Salt + pepper to taste 
gluten-free hot sauce (@peepalpeople 
Rice Cakes
Recipe testing for a private dinner: Gluten-Free Mango Lassi cheesecake with cardamom whip and candied lime peels 🤤